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Posted: December 24, 2010 in gallery
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Adriana Monsalve PicturesAdriana Monsalve is a reporter for ESPN in Central and South America. But I think we can all agree the US could use a little bit of Adriana, too.

Adriana Monsalve grew up in Caracas , Venezuela , and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and communications.

The young journalist aspires to host a TV magazine or newscast in the United States where she can inform the Hispanic community and also serve as a mentor to many women.

Before embarking in her current career as a sports anchor, Adriana first explored her natural talents to sing, dance and perform. This gave her the first taste of what it means to be in front of an audience.

Adriana achieved fame as the lead singer in the girl band “Chikas” and in the pop bands “Tartara” in Venezuela , and “Latin Fiesta” in London , England .

She also hosted the TV morning show “Aló RCTV” in Caracas for more than a year.

In 2002, Adriana decided to search bigger dreams here in the United States where she has participated in various commercials and in stage productions like “Esther” at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

Her talents were spotted by the furniture giant “Rooms to Go” which decided to make her their Hispanic Spokesperson. You can currently see Adriana in their commercials in various cities across the east coast of the United States .

The Venezuelan native found a new challenge in 2005 when she accepted to be the sports anchor for the 6:00pm newscast of Orlando ‘s Telemundo local affiliate.

The young professional sees this as the first step into growing as an anchor in the television business and gaining credibility as a journalist.

In 2007 Adriana, took the biggest step in her sports anchor carreer; ESPN the worldwide leader in Sports, hired her as Sports Anchor of ESPN Deportes broadcasting for Sports’ Center hispanic viewers in Northamerica, also through ESPN 2 Central and South America

Adriana’s talents, charm and poise make her a winner. Her worldliness puts her at ease with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. A true entertainment professional, she brings energy and excitement to any role that she takes.

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